Posted by: evedlewis | September 11, 2016

Iherb!!! Online Ordering Heaven!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

I would just like to give a quick shout out to iherb. I have ordered products that are extremely difficult or impossible to find in South Korea, and I’m completely satisfied with my online ordering experience. 

The website is easy to navigate, the products and the shipping costs are extremely affordable and I receive my packages within a few days. 

My first order was for Umeka, which is a cough and cold medicine that really works for me. When I take this medicine at the first sign of illness, it actually prevents the sickness from getting worse. I usually feel back to 100% normal the next day. I first used this brand in the USA, and I was so excited to see it available online. 

My second order was for 2 soy protein powder containers and a bottle of spirulina. The entire order came to $33.00. So — I basically paid just $10 for each item and $3.00 for shipping. 

All of the items arrived quickly and in perfect condition. 😆😆😆🙂🙂🙂

The soy protein powder is delicious, smooth and creamy — not grainy or chalky at all like some other brands. I use the protein powder in smoothies and also mix with milk/soy milk and agave for a quick breakfast or meal replacement. 

Iherb also has all natural make-up products available, which I will be ordering next. I seem to have a slight allergy towards certain powder foundations, so I need to try something new. 

I will be ordering some new make-up products soon. 🙂🙂🙂😆😆😆

Whether you are living abroad or in the USA, I would highly recommend that you browse around the iherb site and purchase what you need. Thank me later!!! 🙂🙂🙂👍👍👍

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