Posted by: evedlewis | September 10, 2016

Creamy Tuna Pasta!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Sometimes I have a taste for my yummy creamy tuna pasta with mushrooms. I’ve been making this meal since I was a teenager. It’s like a delicious homemade tuna helper dish without the box. You can use this recipe to make tuna, spinach, chicken or shrimp pasta. Each variation has a different taste. You can also change the noodle style for a different kind of flavor. I like to use penne pasta or linguine the most. For a quick and easy lunch or dinner, cook this up when you are craving some creamy pasta alfredo. 

Creamy Tuna Pasta Alfredo

6 servings

1 -2 packs of White Albacore Tuna in water
1 cup of chopped mushrooms

1/2 pack of linguini/Fettuccine noodles

1 cup of milk


Butter/Olive Oil

2 cups of heavy whipping cream 

1 large bag of shredded parmesan cheese 

1/2 clove of chopped garlic (optional)


Boil Noodles in hot water with salt and olive oil until al dente and strain noodles. Wash noodles with cold water. 
Add 2 blocks/tablespoons of butter and olive oil to large pot and cook mushrooms and garlic in butter for a few minutes on low heat. Next, add heavy whipping cream. Stir in parmesan cheese until thick and creamy. Add seasonings to taste. Add more cheese/milk as needed. Combine and toss cooked noodles in the cream sauce. Continue to cook and stir on low heat. 

Add more cheese/milk as needed — more cheese for a thick sauce and more milk for a creamier sauce. Add tuna fish with the tuna water (do not drain water) and stir into noodles (1 pack for a mild tuna taste – 2 packs for a stronger tuna taste). 

Continue to cook and stir on low heat for 5 – 10 minutes. Continue to add milk as needed to keep noodles creamy. 
Quicker option: Use a store bought Alfredo cream sauce and add it to the noodles instead of heavy whipping cream and parmesan. Still add milk as needed to keep noodles creamy. 
You can also add shrimp and/or chicken or spinach instead of tuna fish. Enjoy!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 

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